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Birch + Fog’s MK Ultra Shatter

MK Ultra is a strain that’s been on my “to try” list since I learned of its use in treating depression and muscle spasms…

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Baked Edibles Dark Chocolate Ginger Cannabar From Birch + Fog

I was super excited to try the Baked Edibles dark chocolate ginger cannabar, available from Birch + Fog. The bar…

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Birch + Fog [Dispensary Review]

This is the intro pack I got from Birch + Fog and it’s way more than what I expected. All…

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Black Bean CannaBrownies

Who hasn’t heard of weed brownies? Brownies are one of the most iconic edibles of all time, and who doesn’t love a rich, moist, chocolatey treat?

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Holy Smoke! – 5 Faiths That Praise The Pot Plant

Cannabis comes from the Earth and provides us with everything we need to survive: Nutritious food, durable clothing, clean fuel, building materials, medication for almost every possible illness, and (for some) a path to enlightenment.

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When Cops Don’t Care – What To Do When Your Rights Are Being Violated

Although the stories of police brutality and misconduct have been most prevalent from the United States and eastern Europe, we need to realize that police misconduct is a worldwide epidemic and it happens right here in Canada.

Mary Jane Mugshot by Nick Shakespeare
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The Top 4 Reasons Mary Jane Is My Best Friend

Cannabis is many things to many people. To some, the recreational equivalent of a cold beer on a hot day. To others, a lifesaving necessity. And everything to everyone in between.