Caelan Hart (aka The Cannaisseur) is jack-of-all-trades” activist dedicated to informing the public about the many uses of the Cannabis plant.

The Blog:

Caelan describes The Cannaisseur’s story as an “odd one”:

“I’ve worked within the cannabis community for about 6 years now, several of those years in headshops. With the increase in medical patients (especially senior citizens) who are new to cannabis or possibly haven’t seen a joint since the early 70’s, I get SO MANY questions about cannabis in my day-to-day life. Everything from “What is a vaporizer?” and “How do I roll a joint?” to “Why is cannabis illegal?”

There was a distinct need within my community for unbiased information on cannabis in terms everyone can understand, so The Cannaisseur channel started as a way to help educate the customers I see every day and evolved into something I hope will become much bigger.”

Caelan Hart 2017

The blog originally started as a YouTube channel and was quickly gaining in popularity until the #AdPotcalypse of early 2018 when several cannabis related channels were purged from the platform. YouTube later changed their policies regarding cannabis content after significant outcry from the public, but many of the banned channels (The Cannaisseur’s being one of them) were never reinstated. After losing the platform of YouTube, Caelan turned to their love of writing to spread the message of cannabis to the masses.

The vision behind The Cannaisseur is simple: The more information we make available to and understandable by the general public, the faster we can destigmatize the cannabis plant (and those who enjoy it) while moving toward sensible drug policy on a global scale.

The Cannaisseur’s main goal is to provide easy-to-understand information on cannabis consumption from a harm reduction standpoint in addition to safe cannabis products and retailers that are available to cannabis consumers. The Cannaisseur aims to provide a well-rounded education on cannabis not limited to medical and recreational use, including the vast agricultural, industrial, and spiritual uses of the plant. The Cannaisseur also strives to advocate for an ecologically sustainable cannabis industry while promoting an understanding of intersectionality and kyriarchal power-structures and their effects on marginalized members of our cannabis community.

The Blogger:

Founder of the first Alberta chapter of the International Hempology 101 society in October 2012 (retiring from directorship in 2014) Caelan has continued to rally cannabis supporters in southern Alberta by organizing 420 events and fundraisers, working in the cannabis industry and blogging about cannabis.

In their spare time Caelan enjoys baking, gardening, listening to music, and working out. Caelan grew up a self-decribed “drama geek”, heavily involved in the stage community through Calgary Young People’s Theatre, and has directed 3 music videos for their partner: Canadian hip-hop artist The Eleventh Letter.

Caelan identifies as queer, transmaculine, and genderqueer and uses They/Them, Xe/Xem, and He/Him pronouns. They are an active community organizer, volunteering with Medicine Hat Pride Association for five of their seven active years, serving on the board of directors for three of those five. Caelan is currently involved with Project Rainbow Medicine Hat doing outreach work and advocacy for the LGBTQ2S+ community while advocating for inclusiveness, equity, and diversity within the cannabis community.

Caelan also advocates for several other causes such as animal welfare, GMO crop bans and labeling initiatives, government transparency and reduction, revolutionary system reform, radical veganism, prison abolition, and plant-based holistic health.