Sweet Jane Edibles – Vegan Trail Mix Bars

This is probably my new number one favourite pre-made edible product. I find granola bars to be really hit or miss… and a lot of them just have that supermarket-snack-bar texture I can’t stand… but these Sweet Jane trail mix bars from Birch + Fog are the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness.

I’m glad there were two bars in the package because my experience varied greatly both times. The first time I ate one, I hadn’t slept well the last few nights and I ended up taking an accidental 7 hour nap. But the second time I ate one a couple days later, I found that I had a very relaxing body stone, significant mental relaxation, my IBS flare up calmed down, and I was able to (finally, for once) actually just chill out and relax without terrible anxiety and racing thoughts. It seems as though this particular product and my endocannabinoid system were made for each other, because each experience gave me exactly what my body needed.

Find this and tonnes more vegan edibles at birchandfog.com and get $20 off your first order with the code WEEDSNOB. Must be 19+ and in Canada to order.

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Author: Caelan Hart

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