Euphoria Extractions – 500mg Shatter Bars

Let’s talk about these vegan dark chocolate shatter bars from Euphoria Extractions!

First off, the packaging is beautiful and everything is clearly labelled from the THC mg per bar AND per square (which is a super important clarification for those new to edibles) and the ingredients… which (other than cannabis) there are only 5 of. There’s no sugar added which is awesome because I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and I’ve found this bar has just the right amount of sweetness whereas some other edible brands pile refined sugars into their products. I much prefer the natural taste of the cacao, with subtle notes of vanilla in the mix next to the slightly herby taste of the cannabis extract.

Each square is individually stamped with the THC content of 20mg (for a whopping total of 500mg per bar) which is an important distinction to make. We’ve all heard the stories of a friend of a friend who misread an edible label and ended up uncomfortably high.

The Hindu kush infusion makes this shatter bar perfect for a little before-bed treat. I found one square gently mellow and relaxing, good for some evening Netflix binging and stress-relief from a long day. One more square lulled me into a deep sleep, from which I woke up admittedly a little disoriented and dry-mouthed… but incredibly well-rested.
All-in-all a fantastic edible experience and I’m looking forward to trying the other strains available through Birch and Fog! Also make sure you go say hi to the folks from Euphoria Extractions if you’re at the #IndigenousCannabisCup this weekend!

If you’d like to grab your own, visit and use WEEDSNOB at checkout for $20 off your first purchase. Must be 19+ and in Canada to order.

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card from Birch + Fog in exchange for honest reviews of the products I chose. This is a personal recommendation/review, not an advertisement, promotion, or medical advice. Cannabis affects everyone differently, please use responsibly. Posts by this account are not intended to promote or encourage cannabis use nor are they medical advice.

Author: Caelan Hart

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