Bloom Vape and Evergreen Extracts CO2 Pods from Birch + Fog

Let me talk at you all for a second about this pod vape from Bloom Innovations. I’m trying to move away from disposable cartridges, but I still haven’t found a better cart and battery system than this one.

The magnetic pods make it way easier to switch strains than standard 510 threaded cartridges, and they waste basically no oil. They don’t overheat, the draw is smooth and clean with zero cough and the battery lasts forever. The only issue I’ve had is if you’re walking around in the cold for a bit it can take a couple “preheat puffs” to draw the oil through. I also dig the highly recyclable packaging.

I really love the Durban Poison from the Evergreen Extracts PLAY selection, available through Birch + Fog. Being a high THC-V strain, it works magic on the symptoms of my PTSD in addition to controlling my urge to munch on carby things so I’m more likely to reach for veggies instead. But there are LOTS of different strains available for a variety of experiences.

I would buy A MILLION of these Durban Poison pods if I could… so you can help me out with that goal by signing up at and using the code WEEDSNOB to get $20 off your first purchase. Then I get $20 for referring you! Pretty cool, eh?

Disclaimer: This is a personal recommendation and is not an advertisement or promotion, nor is it medical advice. Cannabis affects everyone differently. Please consume responsibly.

Author: Caelan Hart

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