Purple Kush from GanjaGroup

Normally when dealing with budget dispensaries I tend to shy away from anything under $4 a gram after previously having some less-than-stellar experiences. But when I saw that this purple kush from GanjaGroup was $3 a gram, and on sale (at the time) for another 30% off, I thought to myself “Well, heck. If it’s really terrible I can always use it for edibles.” To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised!

The nugs are on the smaller size, but are nice and frosty with pretty flecks of purple in the flower. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the amount of stems that were left untrimmed, but for sixty bucks an ounce, who’s really complaining? I just put them in a jar to make tea from once I’ve collected enough. (Waste not, want not. Right?)

Purple Kush from GanjaGroup at 30x magnification

The high is quintessential PK: Mellow and relaxing. Pain, stress, and spasms melt away leaving you with heavy eyes, a big grin, and the munchies. A little is great for a chill evening. A lot will send you straight to dreamland.

You can pick up Purple Kush (and lots of other awesome and affordable cannabis products) at GanjaGroup. Must be 19+ and inside Canada to order. 🔞🇨🇦

Disclaimer: This is a personal recommendation. This is not an advertisement, nor is it medical advice. Cannabis affects everyone differently. Please consume in moderation.

Author: Caelan Hart

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