Crispy Vegan Protein Bar by Baked Edibles

So today I FINALLY got to try the Blue Jay Bar sent to me by Birch + Fog. It’s the one I’ve been looking forward to the most, honestly.

The taste is delicious. They’re soft and chewy, but the rice crisps add a nice amount of crunch. It’s also nice to see real hemp seeds and shredded coconut on top of a protein bar as most protein supplements are more of a mashed up, nondescript, brown brick of flavourlessness.

I’m glad to see a variety of vegan protein sources used (including pumpkin seed, rice, sunflower seed, almond butter, and hemp). Varying your sources of protein is important to get a wider amino acid profile.

Fun fact: Hemp is one of the best plant sources of protein known to man as it provides a full profile of amino acids which are essential for growth and tissue repair.

But here’s the deal: if you’re an athlete, I don’t recommend switching these out for your regular after-workout protein supplements. While I am impressed that these delicious little brownie-like morsels pack 11g of vegan protein, they also have a SIGNIFICANT amount of fat and carbs… so these are definitely more of an occasional after-gym treat, but they are great for easing post-workout muscle soreness.

As always, please consume edibles responsibly. I love that @bakededibles products come in resealable packages so that I can eat half and put the other half away for later! Use code WEEDSNOB at for $20 off your first order! Must be 19+ and in Canada to order.

Disclosure: @birchandfog provided me with this product in exchange for an honest review. Technically they only asked for two, but I’m really enjoying their products so they get an extra one on the house.

This review first appeared on Instagram on July 31/2017

Author: Caelan Hart

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