Baked Edibles Dark Chocolate Ginger Cannabar From Birch + Fog

I was super excited to try the Baked Edibles dark chocolate ginger cannabar, available from Birch + Fog. The bar is divided into a 3×5 rectangle. I have a fairly decent tolerance for edibles so at 150mg per bar I figured I’d be good to eat 3 squares for a total of 30mg (my usual homemade edibles clock in around 60mg)… Then I went grocery shopping. I can see why this treat is listed under the “enhance” category. I was having an absolutely wonderful experience just grocery shopping (which normally causes me a great deal of anxiety)… However I did start giggling uncontrollably when my hunny asked if we should get garlic bread in a bag…. which apparently I found to be ridiculous at the time. I haven’t been “giggle high” in a LONG TIME so it was a little bit uncomfortable. I pride myself on getting home without splurging on junk food because I ate everything in sight once I got home. Enjoying sitting at home with my darling watching Tales From The Crypt. I would definitely keep it to one or two squares next time though!  Remember to consume unfamiliar edibles responsibly.

Sign up at and use code WEEDSNOB at checkout for $20 off your first order. Must be 19+ and in Canada to order.

Disclosure: I was provided with this product by Birch and Fog in exchange for an honest review.

This review was originally published on Instagram on July 27/2017

Author: Caelan Hart

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